It is the Vision of Finote Wogel - Path of the Gospel to see a world transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



The Mission of Finote Wongel - Path of the Gospel is to empower the Orthodox Church in spreading the Gospel and saving those in need.

We implement this mission through the following goals :

A. To empower and support organizations or individuals in need in two ways: (a) through donating monetary aid to organizations or individuals in Ethiopia of any faith, race and ethnic background, and (b) by empowering newly arrived immigrants and refugees to the United States by providing guidance consultation and by donating funds for trainings to enable them to better integrate into the United States. Please access the below link to learn more.


B. To empower Ethiopian born and/or raised youth in the US grow in their Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church faith and preparing them to become  heirs of the future church. Visit our youth ministry page to learn more. 


C. To transmit the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world through several portals. Click on the sermon page below to learn more.