Finote Wongel - Path of the Gospel  seeks to empower Ethiopian born and/or raised youth within churches/ministries and organizations in the US grow in their Ethiopian Orthodox faith and to prepare them to become heirs of the future church. The below points are some examples of the specific criteria expected to be met by this institution for this mission before funding can commence:

1.    Does the institution have a clear vision and mission of empowering the youth raised/born in the US to teach them the EOTC faith?      

2.    Does the institution have a practical record of empowering the youth in this area? Example in organizing youth conferences

3.    Does the institution have adequate resources that can involve the youth spiritually in their faith? Examples include providing materials in their own language, having knowledgeable teachers, having projects that engage parents as teachers

4.    Has the institution implemented networking events for the youth to get together and share experiences?

5.    Does the institution’s Father’s or leaders have a dedicated department that focuses on this demographic?

6.  Does the institution have a history of making disciples focused on the youth?

7.   Does the institution have resources that can empower the youth to fund for their own activities?

8.   Does the institution carry out outreach efforts to invite non-believers?



Below are some examples of how Finote Wongel - Path of the Gospel measures the specific churches/ministries or organizations that are focused on empowering the youth:

a. What has the institution done to empower the youth? Have conferences been organized? Networking events held? If so provide footage, videos, pictures, individual  testimonies and other measurable metrics.

b. Has the institution allocated adequate resource to provide for the educational resources needed to empower the youth?

c. What is the level of engagement of parents for example? Have teachers been invited from outside to teach the youth?

d. How does the institution evaluate the success of the leaders or Father’s engagement with the youth?

e. How many disciples have been produced?

f. What kind of activities have been implemented to empower and encourage the youth?

g. How many new members have joined the institution through the outreach efforts?

Each application will be reviewed based on the above metrics and a decision will be made by the board with input and advice from spiritual Advisory Fathers as needed. For more information on how to solicit funds, click on this page below. 

Note: In some cases Finote Wongel - Path of the Gospel board members can be involved in working to empower the youth directly.